Diesel Locomotives

Burlington Northern SW1500 RD#313

Item ID: 13666
Item Number: 98600031
Date Released: November 2016
Scale: N
Manufacturer: Micro Trains
Description: These powered SW1500 locomatives are painted green with white lettering. The EMD SW1500 was a 1,500 hp diesel locomotive intended for switching service and was built by General Motors’ Electro-Motive Division.
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List Price:  $129.95
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Ringling Bros Series FT Locomotive

Item ID: 12604
Item Number: 98701681
Date Released: May 2016
Scale: N
Manufacturer: Micro Trains
Description: This colorful Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey™ powered FT A-unit locomotive is painted red with aluminum roof and black trucks and couplers. Its sides display a background map and posters from shows performed at different cities across the country. Let this locomotive lead your traveling circus to its next destination!
Sale Price: $101.21
List Price:  $134.95
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